Crude Justice is an environmental news and information resource focused on big polluters and the people who oppose them. Sponsored by Mike Stag and Stuart Smith, Crude Justice is a one-stop destination on important issues from oil and gas pollution to radioactive waste.

Stuart SmStuart-Smith1ith has practiced law for nearly 25 years and is recognized internationally as a crusader against major oil companies and other polluters for damages associated with radioactive oilfield waste – which is known within the oil and gas industry as technologically enhanced radioactive material (TERM) or naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Mr. Smith is one of the few attorneys in the United States who has focused his practice almost entirely on finding remedies for victims of oil company pollution over the course of two decades.


Michael G. mstagStag has practiced law since 1994. He is well known for his groundbreaking legal cases and successful verdicts in the field of Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Material (TERM) oilfield waste litigation. Mr. Stag concentrates his practice in the areas of Mass Torts; Class Actions; Environmental Law; Toxic Torts; Litigation; Maritime Law and Personal Injury. Michael is also a student of New Orleans Academy of Art.




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